Friday, November 10, 2006

Uncertain Acclimation

The last week and a half:

- I traveled from New York City to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Las Vegas to New York City to San Francisco to New York City.

- I watched the Democrats Win. I witnessed Rumsfeld Booted!

- I was sad that Ed Bradley died...I wanted him to be President one day. Really. RIP.

- I loved that BORAT made $27M!

- I shot Trish, Ginger, and Ariyana in Los Angeles.

- I ate dinner at Chez Panisse in Berkeley.

- I saw the Bob Dylan Tribute/Benefit @ Lincoln Center - standouts: Ryan Adams (really), The Roots, Rosanne Cash, Natalie Merchant and Philip Glass, and of course, Patti w/ Tom Verlaine!

- I received the press release regarding the Taschen book. It's hardback! It's big! It's $50.00!

- I struggle to determine what day and time zone I'm in. Also, the "to do" list is in shambles...

- I am ecstatic that Neil Young is FINALLY releasing "The Neil Young Archive Vol. 1 - Live At The Fillmore East, 1970" on Tuesday. Aren't you?

Something more substantial tomorrow, maybe...

Photo is by the great Marcus Richter (see link to the right) of me shooting Lisa and all my lighting secrets all out in the open for public consumption and replication.

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