Sunday, November 05, 2006

"How do you get that grainy effect?"

Does this mean anything in the digital age, to the digital boys with their digital toys?

"Tabular-grain film is a type of photographic film that includes T-max films from Kodak (with Kodak's T-grain emulsion), Delta films from Ilford and the Fuji Neopan films. The silver halide crystals in the film emulsion are flatter and more tabular (hence T-Grain). By spreading the crystal area out to intercept more light, Kodak and Ilford were able to increase the film speed without an increase in the overall graininess. Normally, without tabular grains, faster films with cubic or pebble-like crystals have a grainy appearance due to the larger silver grains that result from the required larger silver halide crystal volumes."


Thanks to Petr (see link at right) for this.

The photo is tabular-grain in it's purest form.

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Anonymous said...

is that supposed to be a picture of a grey card? I love film more and more every day - soon me and film will be co-dependant - i love that its not constantly dependant on being tethered to 3rd party power sources and think-for-me technology. I like that film can make happy mistakes. I like that film is like a woman - it interprets things according to the mood its in at the time. I like film because tho it is a clean slate to work upon, it adds a paradigm of fantasy as it steals your soul in the form of a moment.
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