Friday, August 01, 2008

And With That, I'm Taking a Break...

I'm looking for JOY.

It's gone.

I'll be back when I find it.

And not a minute before.

Shooting Naama, from last night was the closest I've gotten in a long time.

I need more JOY.



bt said...

Don't look for will find you.


Tanya said...

joy comes in small packages.
puppy and kitten breath.
a roll of film.
a good thrift store find.
and eBay win.
a good hair day.
a pound less on the scale.
your morning cup of what ever.
a smile from a stranger.
the perfect weather on a day off from work.
and the biggest package of all is happiness and contentment within yourself.

Hallmark wasn't accepting applications ;)



tanyas comment remeinded me of the song from the sound of music. "brown paper packages".
anyway man... i feel ya.. try not to spend money looking for this "joy", shopping therapy is a quick fix... now doing a buck fifty on a street bike is pure bliss, it does how ever make it hard to drink beer at the same time... shooting a 300 win ultra mag is also quite might also try looking for that ten mile uphill stretch of dirt road in which to hammer ones dirt bike up at mach speeds... (my personal fav!)

i do wish you luck and have long enjoyed lurking here... do come back!

Webspinner said...

I need to shoot naama again :( I miss that girl. Had a fit of nostalgia today and updated my mm port the first time in a year...and yes, I put a now 'vintage' graham up. I miss you....Rebecca is here and she misses you. Lauren misses you. I am sorry you are down. Enjoy the pathos. It will help your work (that is what they tell me anyway) If not, have a drink or several.

aeric said...

shit. that's a really good picture.