Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Archives Vol. XI

Did a purposeful Newton-esque shoot tonight (for the first time ever) with Carolyn and Shakti at Chris' place.

Thanks Chris!!!

Anna did the makeup and it was amazing, very "Robert Palmer Addicted To Love" just like I wanted...

Thanks Anna!!!

Photos to come.

I'm beat up like hell. Really beat up.

Like hell.

So much that when this drunk asshole called Chris and I "cocksuckers" while challenging us to a game of pool, I used the "F-word" at him, according to the just back from Iraq bouncer. It was his first night, but shit man, no one walks up to me and my friend and calls us "cocksuckers" without getting a FUCK YOU back.

Like hell.

I may have been a little too harsh, perhaps. Indeed.

But NEVER do that to me without good cause.

Like hell.


Dig, man, there goes Mack the Knife! said...


bt said...

Nah...the "F" word was very appropriate..considering. PS...does he still have his teeth?


Tanya said...

your the cutest cocksucker i ever saw!

Wolf189 Photography said...

I wish I was there to take some shots! ; )