Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Archives Vol. XIII

It's weird when you talk to someone every day and then suddenly you don't speak again - really disconcerting.

I've got three people in my life right now like that.

And there's an emptiness there. Deafening silence. A verbal tumbleweed...

"Way to shield the hated heat.
Way to put myself to sleep.
Way to shield the hated heat.
Way to put myself, my children to sleep."

This is Lux from 2006. Porn star.


G said...

enjoy the quiet...its temporary.
i know this.

"...rolling verbal tumbleweeds since 1964"

Anonymous said...

First Stoya and now Lux Kassidy? Your taste is impeccable.

e-string said...

I have a few of those people, myself. I feel ya, James. Miss ya too.