Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missing Out

Scanning. Drinking coffee, fighting off the shakes while starting them...and that's not all I'm fighting off.

Saw Sonic Youth again @ McCarren Pool tonight - last show there ever.

They were tremendous, as always, and I actually caught myself smiling a few times, from the sheer joy of the music being made right in front of me.

REALLY smiling.

I took two good friends and a acquaintance. Took them up front.

Too bad about that pool as a concert venue...the best one in NYC, despite it being in Williamsburg, but still...

Lee's last words were "See ya'll in the pool." Poignant, but sad. Enjoy it, you trust-fund fucks.

You trust-fund fucks.

Two brand new songs, then the first song they ever wrote, "Burning Spear" and "Mote" which I haven't heard live in years, maybe ever...and "Jams Run Free" - Kim whirled. And there's nothing better than watching a 55 year old woman, hot as a silver rocket, whirl...


They made/make me happy. I need more joy.

Then, "billiards" at The Cherry Tavern, a joint on the LES I highly recommend. Although the Jack and Coke was a little, uhmmm, weak. Not a pour that Chip or I would make, but fine for the evening, nonetheless.

NYC is dead. Labor Day Weekend bullshit, which I love. Not so great for the bartenders, though.

A bunch of email/text messages today. The NEW form of communication. Not permanent, but immediate.

Just like the above shot of Sara and the below lyrics from QOTSA.

Poignant, but sad, considering that it is all such a shame...

"You wanna know why you feel so hollow?
Because you are.
You're missing out? Well if you say so
Then you're missing out

Everybody knows that you're insane

You wanna know just how long you can hide from
What you are? Not very long
I have been lost. Down every road I follow
Out in the dark. On my way home

Everybody knows that you're insane

But I feel nothing. Am I better yet?

Everybody knows that you're insane."

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e-string said...

Damn I love this one too.