Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enough Of Thinking Everything You've Done Is Good

A calm has descended, both internally and externally. The external, understandable and magical and beautiful, the internal, a mystery. Perhaps it's part and parcel of the external? Perhaps it's set and setting? Perhaps it's due to change - the country, my work, my medicine cabinet, my head and my heart?

Something's happening.

There is calm, for the first time in 14 months. And I wholeheartedly embrace it and all of it's messengers.

The battle, of course - and it's a delicate, delicate balance - is to not embrace too hard. Savor it, be appreciative and thank your lucky stars for every second. Don't try to own it, trap it, bottle it or wallow in it.

Just be. Calm.

Working on it...calmly.

I took this photo of Andrea Grant in November of 2007 at her apartment after she shot a commercial for Johnny Walker earlier in the day. She wore the dress in the commercial and kept it on for me. We had a cocktail, I set up my lights and she stood there. Time for the entire shot to be realized - 5 minutes. Confident and Calm.

Working on it, again...confidently.

When Rufus Wainwright wrote this song last year, it seemed to me to be a beautiful, barb-laden, anti-administration lament. It doesn't feel the same anymore due to change, but just listen - it's STILL brilliant. And reminds me that things were bad. REALLY bad. "Been burned down..."

Listen calmly.

Cover Star: Andrea
Headlining Band: Rufus Wainwright


brooke lynne said...

thank you James. you hit the nail exactly on the head. as did rufus.

Varvara said...

Great song.

Stacy Leigh said...

push and pull...

I love you tons poopie doo!!!!!

Tanya said...

I'm glad you found this place that your in, I knew you would stumble upon it eventually.

The Pin-Up Poet said...

James, glad to see there is something different in your eyes these days. Calm is vital above all things.

xo a