Saturday, February 07, 2009

I Swear It Wasn't Meant To Be

What I saw today:

I saw an Iron Queen have a near-meltdown, but crisis averted.
I saw a life-sized wookie, who said to me, "James, I gotta get out of this fucking suit!"
I saw some chick dressed in a white cape with a white bustier and white panties posing for photos.
I saw a bunch of fat, pimply guys with questionable facial hair.
I saw a bunch of astoundingly overvalued comic books.
I saw a Vampirella cover painting priced at $15,000.00.
I saw a whole lot of "Watchmen" shit...

Sometimes, I cannot believe the world we live in.
Sometimes, it makes perfect sense.

I'm glad to be home.

Cover Star: Katy
Headlining Band: The Sonic Youth


Tanya said...

was this wizard world or comicon?

mojokiss said...

accidental awesome picture?

Sharmeen said...

I'm guessing u went to the friend did too...I have a wookie backpack...stop laughing...hehe