Monday, February 02, 2009

Random Shit, Vol. XXVIX

- My favorite Moby album is (no surprise) his punk rock/guitar album "Animal Rights." Back in 1997 when I was a music reviewer for AOL, I ranked it as my #1 album of the year. That's how much I liked it. And I probably haven't listened to it since. So the other night, I suddenly had a hankering to hear it eleven years later...and, for it, I looked and I looked and I looked. NOTHING frustrates me more than not being able to find the one record that's banging through your brain. So, after an hour or so, looking everywhere it could possibly be, I concluded that I must have loaned it to some ungrateful bitch (gender agnostic) who still has it. Sigh. So a little trip to eBay and today my "new" copy of "Animal Rights" showed up in my mail box. Crisis averted, although I HATE buying shit TWICE.

- Did a location scout for my shoot tomorrow night. Man, it feels good to do that. Great apartment directly overlooking the World Trade Center Hole - seriously, as close as you can get. It is on loan from the model's friend who would like to list it as a film/television location here in the city. I told her that in exchange for letting us use it, I'd help her do that. It's well decorated, modern, really high ceilings and most importantly is new to me. I love working with new locations. Oddly enough I prefer working with models who I've worked with before. And that's exactly the situation here. Photos to come.

- I think my two prints got to The Dirty Show today instead of Friday, today being the final drop-dead day. That's cutting it a little too close. I still don't know if the lab marked them 2 day instead of overnight or if Fed Ex just decided to take their time (or maybe, just maybe there was incliment weather), but it's just too damn close for my constitution.

- I scanned negs until 7am this morning. When I get on a roll, I get on a roll.

- I actually watched The Stupidbowl last night at a friend's house in Washington Heights. And I gotta admit that even though I could care less about professional sports, that 4th quarter was something to see. Wish I had put money on Pittsburgh...although I know I would have bet on the Cardinals.

- It feels like Monday. A Monday in January.

Cover Star: Location Scout Shot
Headlining Band: Moby

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Capt Stu Beans said...

im sorry you wont be in detroit this weekend, but I will enjoy finding your pieces and take a picha for you.