Thursday, February 26, 2009


The making of a self-portrait is difficult.
At least for me.

Here's a shot of my hand and my latest victim, Candace. Wonderful, I know. This is what happens when I am blocking the shot. And I mean "blocking" theatrically, not like my hand is in the shot, yo.

Determining the shot is fine. Lighting it is a no-brainer. The model is always perfect (with direction).

So what's the difficulty?


I'm a self-conscious bitch. And that's all well and neutortic, BUT, this is a photographic series that needs some consistency. And I need to provide that.

How's my hair? Am I smirking? Where the fuck are my hands and what the fuck are they doing? Really, do I look like that?

As Pete Townshend famously said in 1982, "It's fucking hard."

All of my victims have been patient. The best ones found humour in my preening all queen-like. And laughed at me. I like that. Candace did.

But I'd like to think that it pays off. One way or the other...

Cover Star: Candace
Headlining Band: Duh (demo)

Just waiting for a royalties lawsuit from the RIAA...or Courtney's people to fax me...


aeric said...

actually, i really like that shot with the hand. interesting and mysterious. her expression, stance and gesture all work for me. it's good


e-string said...

It really is funny.

And it really is worth it. That's an especially hot one.


Model Sarah said...

aw look it's BK.


mojokiss said...

come and visit my blog. you're the only one it ever sees. bring a friend. i'm serving fillet of 35mm

you wouldn't understand. said...

i like this, james.