Wednesday, September 30, 2009


21 years older and the whole wide world in front of me...
24 years later and the whole wide world in front of me...

So I walked into his living room this morning and was overwhelmed by the shelving. Eleven feet tall on three sides, the other side full of paintings, some finished, some half finished, probably none of them finished.

Books everywhere. Photography books. On the shelves and one really big one, still in cardboard, but imprinted, on the floor. Was it Bettina Rheims? Shit, I can't remember. My memory is random.

My host opened the door with an almost finished cigarette and I admonished him, with no particular impunity except that I smoke much later in the day.

Not addicted. I am. I don't think that my host is. I think he just really enjoys a smoke every now and then, and I caught him, although we've shared one many times, often sparked by my pulling one out of the pack action.

Back to the room. I want to shoot my host there. It's much like the shot I've been submitting to photo contests all over the world. A portrait of a person in their environment.

There are no windows.


A picture of you.

Cover Star: Squalor
Headlining Band: R. Buckner (for GP)


Candace Nirvana said...

That thing you do with the light and the girl is brilliant. With your host will be nothing short of fabulous ;)

Varvara said...

there is nothing tragical about being 50, not if you are trying to 25. It's a quote, from one of my favorite films.