Friday, September 04, 2009

Hair Pillow

I don't even want to talk about the STT show last night.

But I will anyway...

It fucking sucked.

Kind of like paying to see The Beatles reunion and then upon them taking the stage, being told that John and George had died and were being replaced by some guys from Creed.

Harsh, but true. Where the fuck were Nate and Stu?

I love me some Craig Wedren, but dude - truth in advertising? Bait and switch? C'mon...

My favorite thing about this band is the WAY that Nate ATTACKS his guitar and augments Craig's histrionics.


It fucking sucked.

The Bowery Ballroom should have called it "Craig Sings STT" and then - well, I probably would not have gone.

Unfortunately I did. And left early.

Cover Star: Karolina
Headlining Band: Lou