Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rain That Falls Up

I have a friend going to Australia to live. I have a friend in Hong Kong, right now, wishing he were dead. I have another friend this minute on a bus to Vancouver. I have a friend coming to Brooklyn. I have another friend who just traveled away from this Earth.

A friend just traveled from Atlanta en route to Philadelphia and stopped by to play pool with me and have her snapshot taken.

Travelers, all.

I haven't traveled enough lately. The last big one was Buenos Aires, Chile, Uruguay. Tobago before that, Singapore, Dublin, Belfast, London, Strasbourg, Progresso, Hawaii, and some I can't remember or don't want to, like Las Vegas...

TTG. Time. To. GO. Even if I have to do it by myself, which was not the original plan but it is the way that it played out. I still regret it. This is a compromise. This is a matter of survival.


I had jury duty today and forgot. Is there a warrant out for my arrest? That could put a damper on things...

Cover Star: The Vipond
Headlining Band: Lewis Allen Reed. Turn this one up loud, too.


Lauren said...

Well, I probably can't bail yer ass out, but if the fuzz does show up, at least we'll just have one more thing to laugh about. :D

criminally yours,


Tanya said...

I think we once discussed traveling alone, and how cathartic is can be.
Go find yourself with out distraction in another place.
Diff Smells, Diff faces.
We all seek the same no matter where or who.