Monday, September 07, 2009

Paid For It With Love and Blood

Stock taking, this past week:

I had a friend die of cancer.
I had a friend have cancer scraped off of his face.
I told a friend that she was the only one I'd ever considered having children with and I meant it.
I booked a ticket to Berlin.
I got custom-made porn in my email.
I retouched porn.
I took drugs. Lots of them.
I had a cocktail or two.
I watched that last Tilda Swinton film. Twice.
I watched that last Bai Ling film. Twice.
I had a hat, I put it down and it sunk, reached down, yanked it up, slapped it on my head.
I listened to Lou Reed's "Berlin." A lot. Hopefully, so have you.


My therapist was on vacation...

Careful with the next to last song, "The Bed." It's also rough. Things do not end well for Jim and Caroline. No. Not at all.

One more to go. "Sad Song" tomorrow...

Cover Star: Rachel
Headlining Band: Lou

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