Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not So Clever Vs. Clever

The new cover of Rolling Stone Magazine:

Not clever. Derivative. Cliched. Stupid. Predictable. Retarded. Idiotic. Embarrassing.

And don't even get me started about the Rolling Stone Jim Morrison quote...

As a photographer. Matthew Rolston should be ashamed of himself. Except at the deposit window.

This, however:

Dwarves, "Blood, Guts and Pussy."

Subpop records, circa 1989. Micheal Lavine, photographer. Visionary, hero and bad-ass.

Obviously, I'd stand behind Mr. Lavine in line to shoot the morons from "True Blood." But if he bailed, I'd be available.

The world sucks on the eve of my 32nd birfday...

...is THIS what we have to look forward to?

Then, fuck it.

Cover Star: blood
Headlining Band: Dwarves

James M. Graham, Website
James M. Graham, Tumblr
James M. Graham, Monograph


The Late Collin J. Rae said...

I made the same comparison a few days ago...one genius one stupidity.

semi234 said...

Respectfully, having stuff splattered on people is hardly an original idea even in 1989 (the music album you cited).

Esquire has been visiting that concept & revisiting it off & on since the '60s.

Some also would argue that there are no new ideas, only new interpretations of old ideas.