Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week of the year: 31 of 52

Quit my job, stopped taking pharmaceuticals, stopped paying people to listen, saw a Basquiat documentary with a new friend, listened to a bunch of The National, drank some whiskey, some wine, some beer, shot two models with a camera, celebrated no birthdays, didn't sign my lease, looked at apartments, talked to an anthropologist, a ballet artistic administrator, a restaurant manager, several bartenders with the gift of pardon, received an early birf present - a book with the inscription "I hope you like scantily clad women covered in blood in loin cloths as much as I do!", bought tickets to a show in November, read my horoscope, watched "It Might Get Loud" again, played Jenga at 1:00am, didn't get arrested, talked to people on the phone from all over the world, avoided stupid and pointless messages, traps and snares, hiccups and missteps, repeated mistakes, smoked less, and thought about the next thing.

Still thinking about the next thing. And listening. Always listening...

Cover Star: Jerome Lester Horwitz
Headlining Band: Ms. Phillips and Mr. Wareham

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The Pin-Up Poet said...

Oh. Maybe we could trade MP3's? I'll give you gangster rap & Florence & the Machine for some of your miscellaneous?