Monday, August 02, 2010

A Slow, Dumb Show For You

"You know I dreamed about you...for twenty-nine years, before I saw you."

THAT'S a great line. A REALLY great line. But check this out:

This song has the word "dick" and "shit" in it - "shit" twice in the same couplet. That's hard to pull off. But they do...Matt does. Listen.

It also has this line in it:

"I want to hurry home to you, put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up."

That's also a tough one to to pull off - sounds like something that would come out of Puppetworks (shudder) - but god damn, these guys do that well. Pull it off, I mean, not puppets (as far as I know). With accordion, no less. I think it's completely and entirely romantic, and I mean romantic in italics, romantic. You know?


And this one:

"God, I'm very, very frightening. I'll overdo it."

He ain't talking to a higher power, which I can identify with. I can also identify with overdoing "it" and being "frightening."

I missed you for twenty-nine years...

...which means I've had seventeen good ones.

And 6am was a part of the good years.

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