Sunday, August 08, 2010

Stiff and Pissed and Lost and Loose

Unemployed yourself, did you? Couldn't take the shit amymore, could you? Well, good for you. Did you feel great? Elated? Like the way you feel when you know no matter how painful it's going to be, and you do it anyway? It's important to say 'I quit' at 10:14 when the potential of 'You're fired' looms around that 10:15 corner, isn't it?


All the more reason for you to batten down the hatches against the strong winds of melancholy and keep the culture of blame and finger pointing far away from you. Far away from you. Look, you are too old for that shit. Way too old. And look, ALL of your friends approve, and that's important. Right? You did something that perhaps a lot of them might not just have the guts to do. So, bravo, Sir!


What are you going to do when they change their minds tomorrow, call you back, say that they thought about it for a couple of days and have realized that they made a mistake and beg you to come back? They might even say that you were the best person they ever met for the task. They might even cry. Offer you more. Rub your feet. They might fucking kiss you.


You should stop going to therapy. It seems like you're handling things pretty well on your own...I mean, the Earth spins around the Sun and all you're looking for is a little comfort before the sky goes black and the air stops circulating, aren't you? Just a little solace? Some antiseptic? Some warmth from the global freezing? And who is anyone to think that they can advise you on that? We all await the same fate, want the same shit, and hurt. Some of us better than others. At least you know what you want.

Oh, there's more than that? Do tell...

Cover Star: Michael Grapin & the wonderful Candace Nirvana
Headlining Band: The National

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