Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And Tell Me Where Is The Love In What Your Prophet Has Said?

Scatter. Static. Sushi.

Crazy days pass short light divining.
Oh, seven seems so far away.


Didya hear? I still can't play the guitar. Never will be able to.

The photo is Melanie. She is a genius.

Title of this entry by stupid, dead Jeff Buckley. I'm only mad at him because I'd kill to hear his new album right about now. He was also a genius. And he went swimming in the Mississippi River drunk, when no one goes swimming in the Mississippi River, sober or drunk.

I'm maybe a little bit jealous. I'll let you wonder about which part.

"And I've got a message for you and your twisted hell
You better turn around and blow your kiss goodbye to life eternal angel..."


Chris M said...

he just had to burn out. and thats a real drag.

love the pics with melanie. she just has this quality in her pics I cant quite put my finger on...

Alysa316 said...

I love you so much for being a Jeff Buckley fan. I've been a fan since 1995. Was an absolutely devastated teenager when he died stupidly.