Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There's Gonna Come a Time When I'm Gonna Have to Go with Whoever 's Gonna Get Me the Highest

This is me signing off until right before the end of the year.

Tomorrow I hire a car service to pick me up in Park Slope and drive me to JFK ($45.00). There, I will check my light kit (sans bulbs - I will carry those on and use them to slash the throats of the Infidels!) and suitcase, while carrying my Lowell Softlight and camera bag full of Neopan 1600 that they have to check one roll at a time (oh joy!), through HOMELAND SECURITY. That is always a HOOT!

Jet Blue JFK-RDU and back ($278.60) - My Dad will pick me up in Raleigh in his Jag. My Dad just turned 74 and he bought his Jag two years ago. He should have bought it when he was 44, but solidly middle-class is he, as am I, thanks to him. I always ask him how fast he's gotten it up to, and he always tells me and says not to tell my Mom. Like I would even think of it. But the fact that my father is opening up the silver feline all up I-40's ass makes me smile. It's about time. Go, Dad, go...

It took awhile before he offered me the keys, not that I was chompin' at the bit. I'm scared of my Dad's car for two reasons. 1) If I fuck it up - and this includes a shopping cart ding at Food Town, I am out of the will - HARD CORE black sharpie through my name and my sister gets EVERYTHING and just laughs at me and says something like you shouldn't have driven the Jag and, 2) I don't want to look like an asshole. Some privileged yuppie scum. I'm not, and hell, I already said how my Dad waited 30 years too long, but the fact is, in Cary NC - everybody drives a stupidly expensive car. And most of them look like dicks doing it.

NYC would eat almost all of them alive. Like a wood chipper. Potentially interesting experiment. For me...and my friend Rich Goldstein...It would take two of us to shove them all in...

My Dad will drive me home, where I will see my sister, who is a lovable freak, my mother, who is one of the sweetest and smartest people in the world, and my grandmother (my Mom's Mom) who turned 92 this year and is sweeter than my Mom, but only because she gets to pull rank.

And that's where I'll be until the 29th of December, when my girl and I return to NYC (car service- another $45.00)

My last shoot of the year is in Greensboro, NC with Uma von Diehl this Friday. It should be one of my most interesting shoots of the entire year and a fitting end to 2006. I’ve been invited to exhibit in the Dirty Detroit extravaganza this year and I’m hoping it’s gonna be all Uma. We’ll see…Google both Uma and Dirty Detroit, if you are the least bit interested...

Oh wait, I'm shooting with my friend Naomi on the 30th - well, Uma is the next to last shoot...

The title of this post is from The Hold Steady. They kick ass.

Photo caption contest!
What the HELL is going on here? Is it a print ad for cat food (clue) or just a snap of a crazy stuffed duck? The winner gets a mention here and a beer the next time I see them. Pretty swanky, hunh?


hypolux said...

cat food with stuffed duck featuring a catnip glaze?

happy travels iron bird ^^

...and may the cannibals be let loose to dine - Praxis could probably use the extra iron.

D. Wood said...

Caption: OK Jim here's the deal.
10 cans of Kitty's FAV-O-RITE food
& my whole jar of quarters and you NEVER put me on the floor with that cat again.

Like your photography. Found you thru D. Nelsons blog.

Hell,take the Jag out and drive it like you stole it.

Anonymous said...

Happy travels indeed. Please don't drive too fast. It's not all it's cracked up to be. ;-)

Your girls, however, are certainly more than they are cracked up to be. Enjoy them in the New Year.


Chip Willis said...

Happy holidays, brutha from a different mutha.

Anonymous said...

Kitty says, "leave the shit in a hollow tree in Jersey if you ever want to see her again."