Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"That is some serious poetry, man!"

My single-most favorite quote from Danny Sugarman's "No One Here Gets Out Alive."

(Although, now, looking through it, on page 61, after Morrison recites "Moonlight Drive" to Manzarek, Ray says, "Those are the greatest fuckin' song lyrics I've ever heard. Let's start a rock 'n' roll band and make a million dollars.")

Recreated purrfectly in Ollie Stone's stoned rock/bio/picture/thing.

(Which is where I think I heard the "serious poetry" thing, or shit, man, it might be that Time/Life "History of Rock" thing I have on VHS...whatever...the point is that Ray SAID IT!)

Here's some serious poetry man, courtesy of The Hold Steady.

It's called "Cattle & The Creeping Things," a take on some book that a bunch of folks writ a long time ago that still fucks with me and people I love. And people I don't know that I wish would just think about themselves and the ones they love more often and LESS about the THE BABY JESUS.


It goes like this:


"They got to the part with the cattle and the creeping things.
They said I'm pretty sure we've heard this one before.
Don't it all end up in some revelation?
With 4 guys on horses, and violent red visions famine and death and pestilence and war.
I'm pretty sure I heard this one before.
You in the corner with a good looking drifter.
Two cups of coffee and ten packs of sugar.
I heard Gideon saw you in Denver.
He said you're contagious.
Silly rabbit.
Tripping is for teenagers.
Murder is for murderers.
And hard drugs are for bartenders.
I think I might have mentioned that before.

He's got the pages in his pockets that he ripped out of the Bible from his bedstand in the motel.
He likes the part where the traders get chased out from the temple.
I guess I heard about original sin.
I heard the dude blamed the chick.
I heard the chick blamed the snake.
I heard they were naked when they got busted.
I heard things ain't been the same since.
You on the streets with a tendency to preach to the choir.
Wired for sound and down with whatever.
I heard Gideon did you in Denver.

She's got a cross around her neck that she ripped off from a schoolgirl in the subway on a visit to the city.
She likes how it looks on her chest with three open buttons.
She likes the part where one brother kills the other.
She has to wonder if the world ever will recover.
Because Cain and Abel seem to still be causing trouble.

She said: I was seeing double for three straight days after I got born again it felt strange but it was nice and peaceful.
It really pleased me to be around so many people.
Of course half were just visions but half of them were friends from going thru the program with me.
Later on we did some sexy things.
Took a couple photographs and carved them into wood reliefs.
But that's enough about me.
Tell me how you got down here into Ybor City.

He said: I got thru the part about the exodus.
Up to then I only knew it was a movement of the people.
But if small town cops are like swarms of flies and if blackened foil is like boils and hail.
Then I'm pretty sure we've been thru this before.

And it seemed like a simple place to score.
And it seemed like a simple place to score.
And it seemed like a simple place to score.
Then some old lady came to the door and said McKenzie Phillips doesn't live here anymore."

The photo is one of those scary two thousand dollar light things that you see in SoHo photographed by me tonight in a friend of Sarah's SoHo apartment while he was out of town.

Cool, 'cause she got all naked and shit...

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