Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some May Ray Kind of Sky

It gets dark way too early on the East Coast on December 7th, 2006.

I did that thing where I listened to NPR (KCRW - see link to the right) all day long so I had this false sense of security. You know, all day people were telling me that the way that I think about things (freedom of everything as long as no one gets hurt) is the way everyone else is thinking about things and I got lulled. I guess I gotta stay the course...

I heard Idiot Boy's "Presidential" press conference with Tony Blair and was particularly offended by his "It’s bad in Iraq. Does that help?" attack, but shit, that's just stayin' the course. A trapped animal with (Borat accent) brain the size of walnut (end BORAT accent) ALWAYS responds this way. My monkey dick is bigger than yours because I am who I am and I have this job that a bunch of people wanted me to have. And I am ONLY smart enough to know that I am scared.

National security. War on terrorism. Middle East peace.
Give me a fucking break.

I am not scared. I just want to take pitchers.

Neither was Scar when she strutted up and down the conference room table at 148 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor, between 31st and 32nd all those years ago...

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