Monday, June 11, 2007

Like a Fingerprint

I'm the only one that can take a photograph like me.

There is no other human being that can shoot a photograph in my style.

I won that. It is relative, like most of the rest of my life.

When I look at my photographs, I think of me.

Although I may try, really hard, and study really deep, I cannot take a photograph like anyone else.

My style is my own, and it is ever evolving. God bless it. And I don't even believe in God.

When I die, and I will, sooner or later, but eventually...

I hope my photographs are like my fingerprints.

But more permanent, as my fingerprints will turn to ash really quickly and be spread somewhere where I do not care.

Never to click a shutter again, but look, I did! Once.

No picture.

Just words.


bt said...

I hear the sound of the hammer striking the nailhead dead on!!
No better explaination could be made. Very well put.


tanya.dakin said...

unlike finger prints, your photos/style are constantly evolving.... and damn you had your sticky finger prints on a lot of people, lol namely on a lil asian tookus! SWAP! or is that too literal?

Iris Dassault said...

Interesting. I think I even used the exact term "finger print" about a "JMG print" in the past. Much like Chip and bt, that fingerprint is there - I would recognize either one of your images out of a line-up. And even though it evolves, the core of YOU is still very much there. Once you get to this point, you needn't worry about people "stealing" your style, ideas, or models. None of that matters. All that matters is the fact that you are able to capture something YOUR way, and that you are creating something that is uniquely yours, because YOU did it.

Gary M Photo said...

Rock on! :)

Alysa316 said...

I see you're feeling maudlin and self-reflective. Just the right traits to become an IMMORTAL. Bwahahah!

Steve Bruno said...

Ain't it the truth!