Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time Shiftin'

I DID NOT watch "The Sopranos" tonight.

I do not have cable television. I do not have satellite television. And I don't watch television on the Internet or my non-existent iPod. Why? Because I do not trust myself. I got other shit to do with my life rather than watch a bunch of crap digitally pixilated and fed into my house.

"The Sopranos" is not crap. It's arguably the best television show ever written NOT about outer space.

I watch "The Sopranos" on DVD, which means that I watch it after everyone else with HBO does.

I love "The Sopranos."

And godammit, I do not want to know what happened on "The Sopranos" tonight UNTIL I see it on DVD about, uhhh, a year from now...

Shit. Maybe I should write to HBO and see if I can get them to speed up the DVD release schedule a bit. Like THIS Tuesday!

The photo is of Heather, from last night. She's cool as hell and WILL NOT call me tomorrow to tell me who got whacked and who didn't.

Oh, for Christ's sake...tomorrow's gonna suck.

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Gary M Photo said...

yeah, I'm in the same boat here, too... much prefer to get a season on DVD and spend a weekend immersed than to try to find time to watch them in order over the course of a few months. HBO doesn't make it easy, either...

Psst, "Rosebud" was Tony's sled when he was a boy... then he wakes up next to Suzanne Pleschett in his Chicago apartment and realizes the entire Vermont innkeeper experience was just a dream.