Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Silhouette of Sweet Regret

Not really...

Exhilaration is more like it...

I shot Nerlande tonight and we just winged it. The Mamiya totally jammed up after the first roll, which means I will purchase a new 120 back tomorrow from B&H (if they have it) and throw my faulty one in the fucking trash.

Anyway, she was a great sport, and a goofball, and hilarious, and beautiful and provocative - all at once.

Here's the first shot of her from our shoot.

The title is from Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers' "Powder Burns" which is playing right now.

Have you all heard The Afghan Whigs' "Congregation" ?

Well, if not, you better buy it right godammed now!


tanya.dakin said...

so glad it didn['t jam up on me, Shit breaks around me all the time, more so Camera/ Lighting equipt.

Can't wait to see more from this series.

I hear B&H sales people are Pricks, is this true?

Just got a gift today check it out called a GorrillaPod.

just ripped the new Tegan and Sara, Spoon and Bjork from a coworker today, and 142 Beastie Boys songs as well. don't ya love Itunes on a local Network!

Andrew Campbell said...

Have you all heard The Afghan Whigs' "Congregation"...

I have now. Thanks for the recommendation. It seems your advice has served me well. Directly after our night with Stacee and Rich in the luxurious Seattle Comfort Suits, I bought a D80. I talked a friend out of a few prime lenses and set my kit 18-135 aside. I'm in love, and again, I thank you.
That night was a blast, I'm looking forward to seeing what came out. I throughly enjoyed meeting you guys, you're fucking rockstars.
Hope all is well.