Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Truth, Part IX

"Remember the weight of the world
It's the sound that we used to buy
On cassette and 45..."

Spoon's Britt Daniel, from "I Summon You" from their masterpiece, Gimme Fiction.

Their new album comes out next Tuesday, July 10th, the same day I go back to my "Pain Management" Specialist to access the situation in the 4th Lumbar nerve region.

I'm gonna buy that damn Spoon album on the way home that day (if I can walk) and listen to it and give it a fair shake.

I didn't much care for the single I heard on KCRW (see link to the right) recently. But Britt might not like my photography either. And I’m okay with that.

In last week's New Yorker there is a medium format (with borders) shot of them by Cass Bird. It is excellent and really communicates what the band is all about at that given moment. They were open to what the photographer wanted to do, and it shows. I just took a look at their new album cover on their website and it's a black & white shot of the band on stage, or rehearsing, or in the studio, or something. Anyway, I would love to shoot them.

Working on it.

Note to self: Spoon...

More Storm. One of my favorite portraits that I've taken. Maybe Britt would dig it. Maybe not...


Gary M Photo said...

Spoon... another winner. You DO know the best music. ;)

Chip said...

I have done some kinky shit with spoons...

BFAM... I was painting the family room today and now I have had a couple jack and cherry coke zeros!

I have no idea what your post was about, but I wanted to share some love man!

Get me drunk out of my mind next trip.