Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Punk Rock Lesson, Part III

I know I promised The Minutemen next, but fuck it, I'm on a tangent...

The Grifters are not necessarily "punk rock" in fact, they are not punk rock at all.

They are not punk rock at all, except...that they are. Trust me.

Look, I've written a lot about them here (search) and even had the bass player, Tripp Lamkins, read my blog when I demanded a Grifters reunion, and his response was basically "No," which bummed me out.

Here's the deal. The Grifters were special, perhaps a moment in time, but special.

And I'd love to see them again live. The three times I did were some of the best three nights of my life.

And I'm feeling all nostalgic-like.

As my girl pointed out to me tonight, I'm worse than a girl about shoes. When I get paid, I wanna go see MUSIC! That's why I bought tickets to see The Butthole Surfers while I was talking to her. She didn't even know who they were, but she will. Oh, she will...

I wish those tickets were for The Grifters, instead. No offense, Gibby. But I'll take what I'm offered...

Check out The Grifters' "Slow Day for the Cleaner" and then tell me I'm wrong about them not being punk rock.


"Talk about a couple of freaks
Did ya see them?
Diamond studded bourgeois
Take no creamer
Next you'll send something I need
To the cleaner's
And I would give you anything
To be holy
And I would give you anything
To be smooth
I would give you anything
To be holy, now

Blue cursed newspaper ink
Spoils the blessing
Framed by the call of her last breath let go
Mine is the Queen of the deceased
And she's dressing
So, I would give you anything
To be holy
And I would give you anything
To be smooth
And I would give you anything
To be holy, now"

Reby, in William Quigley's studio.


Sarah said...

Everyone must know who the Butthole Surfers are.

Martini said...

The Butthole Surfers eh? I smoked dope with those fuckers in '85 or so.

They played later that night at a small joint in Greensboro and they were fucking great.