Friday, May 02, 2008

“Movies Should Have a Beginning, a Middle, and an End, but Not Necessarily in That Order.”

I picked this postcard up at The Film Forum a few weeks back.

Godard's "Contempt" is one of my favorite films. As is his "Weekend" (amongst others) and anything by Bertolocchi and Antonioni.

I'm an Art Fag Wino. So, sue me.

The reason I picked up this postcard is that I love the past being reinterpreted well - NOW. And, I think Yoko Icomura hit the proverbial nail on the head. I would hire her in a HEARTBEAT to do the artwork for MY FILM...

There's always room for that. In art, music, film, and photography.

I do it all the time. So do my contemporaries. So do the up-and-coming.

And so it goes...

Galaxy 500 is getting me through this. Thanks Dean, Naomi and Damon.

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