Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sinking The Wine

Dance Troupe shoot tomorrow. B&H today.

B&H are "out" of Neopan 1600, with no delivery date in their system. When homeboy mentioned this, I got a Polaroid-sized lump in my throat, but I think Fuji is good for it.

So, I got some at my local Park Slope photo store - Photofaction! - across the street from my house. And paid $8.00 a roll instead of the B&H $4.00. Supply and demand fucking me in the head with a stick.

Brian and I went to the Swann Gallery this afternoon to see the preview for the auction tomorrow of photographs and photographic literature (photo books).

Of course, the photographs were overestimated due to the fact that the collector's have finally blown out the market, but man, the books were out of control. I mean, they're just books. They're not prints, silver, platinum, or otherwise.

I looked at a copy of Susan Meiselas' "Carnival Strippers" 1st edition and signed to "David" that was estimated at $400-$600. And Helmut Newton's "White Women" estimated at $150-$250, which I recently saw a copy of here in Park Slope for $80, and I thought THAT was too much. Hajime Sawatari's take on Alice In Wonderland, "Alice" estimated at $800-$1200, unsigned?

Come the fuck on. I vow that I will own a copy of that fucker one day that will cost me less than $300. Signed. Word.

Todd Hido, estimated at more than Susan Meiselas and Helmut Newton? Don't get me wrong, Todd's a contemporary of mine and I really admire his work, but, but, but...

Time to get on the bandwagon, ladies and gents. Shit is going for WAY too much money.

Actual auction results tomorrow, as the trend is that shit goes for WAY more than the estimates.


But Brian and I personally leafed through about $10k worth of shit. And they didn't even ask us to wear the white cotton gloves of death, even though I spotted a package of them over Brian's left shoulder as he was mucking up a copy of good ol' Al Stieglitz's "Camera Work, No. 31" with his greasy paws...

(Estimated at $1,500-$2,500)

More Reby from the Quigley Studio shoot.

I'm going to submit this set to Stern next week.

The new Elbow album is good, but their work takes a little while to get under my skin. But when they do, they stay. This is "Picky Bugger" from their last album, "Leaders of the Free World," a masterpiece, and permanently under my skin.

I have yet to see them live. Arghhh...


In order to feel
Reinventing the wheel
Kicking up mischief
And feeding the fire
Kicking up mischief
And walking the wire

Little fish you count for nothing
Do your thing until you die
Keep your powder dry
In order and line

Thinking and sinking the wine
Kicking up mischief and feeding the fire
Kicking up mischief and walking the wire

Little fish just keep on flapping
Do your thing until you die
Keep your powder dry"

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