Saturday, July 05, 2008

Independence Day (Something I Saw Today...)

NYC style...and UPLIFTING!

Kim forgot the lyrics to "Drunken Butterfly" off of "Dirty" and Thurston's response was awesome...

"Sing that shit twice, just do it..."

They also played "World Looks Red," "Schizophrenia," and the 4th side of "Daydream Nation." That's right, bitches, the 4th side...

Happy fourth of july...for whatever it's worth.

And oh, by the way, Jesse Helms FINALLY fucking died! As a liberal son of Raleigh, North Carolina, I raise a toast to the Grim Reaper!

But god, Mr. Reaper, what took you so long?


hypolux said...

I love you I love you I love you
...whats your name?

Sarah said...

"You know that when Jesse Helms finally dies, he's gonna commit suicide out back in a washtub underneath a pecan tree. He's gonna slash his wrists and he's gonna write in blood, "I've been a bad boy." And you know they're gonna find the skins of young kids drying in his attic, swarms of horseflies going in and out of the eaves, and on CNN over and over, his wife going, "I always wondered about Jesse's collection of little shoes …" - Bill Hicks


theda said...

jesse helms died? i cannot even express how pleased i am. you understand, i'm sure.

Rebecca Lawrence said...

I think he must have paid someone to take him off lifesupport on the 4th. That's the only connection to Adams and Jefferson that the motherfucker will ever have.

Wish I had been home to party with the rest of Chapel Hill when this happened.