Thursday, July 03, 2008

Panic Attack Symptoms

Double feature this morning of Olivier Assayas' "Boarding Gate" and Sidney Lumet's "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead."

Bad idea.

Don't get me wrong, they are both with their merits. "Boarding Gate" stars Asia Argento, who gets my vote for skank I would most want to molest, and "Before the Devil" is an amazing film...'s just that they were both profoundly depressing. I should know better, but I don't.

And now I'm listening to Radiohead's most uplifting album, "In Rainbows" and it's bumming me out.

The spiral heads distinctly downward...

It's how I'm wired, it's how I roll, it's how I am.


Played some gratifying games of pool tonight, drank some gratifying drinks tonight, talked to some beautiful friends tonight, but still, here I am...

...fine, and with my greatest gifts. Like Angela Ryan (above).

Just down.

At least I can admit it.

July 4th - too many memories, fuck July 4th.

Independence - from what? We are shackled, or at least we shackle ourselves...

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Merrick said...

"in rainbows" is a far more depressing album than first meets the ear; beautiful nonetheless. also try the "rainydayz remixes" album by amplive... good in a different way.