Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rules Are Good

The Prospect Park TeePee Rule Book:

1. Please do not litter.
2. Please do not take apart the teepie
3. you can add stuff to the teepie but Please do not take anything away
4. Do not take away the notebook and pencil!
5. Do not hurt the insects!
6. use the chair to sit not to play around!
7. No Smoking.

Meagan and I obeyed all the rules...except maybe for #7...


Something profound just occurred to me:

Sonic Youth's "Death Valley '69" has got to be largely influenced by X's "Johny Hit And Run Paulene."

Or maybe it's the Jack and Coke typing...

1 comment:

Chip Willis said...

u drinking jack?

I gotta get up in the am so none for me.

I do have to say this photo is what I was talking about. You know what I am sayin'?

This is so you. So JMG.