Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Here - Anemic and Sweet...So...

...let me shoot you, shooting!

Not really.

I'm NOT a documentary photographer - AT ALL!

Although if I shoot enough crap, I do tend to manage to get a shot or two.

This is my friend, the VERY TALENTED, Vernon Trent on a shoot in BUMFUCK Philadelphia. Don't even get Scott Nichol and I started on the "coffee run" - thanks again, Scott. If you hadn't been my "ghetto wingman" I'd a killed a muthafucka.

Anyway, I digress.

Vernon, Scott and Mike Cary were shooting the wonderful figure models Amber, whom I met for the first time that day, and Candace, whom I've photographed 'several' times. Several.

In situations like this, I'm always "off the clock." So I sat and observed and had some fine Philly wine.

But I did have one of my Olympus mju 35mm point-and-shoots with me. And one roll of Neopan 1600. And a flash that was malfunctioning. Whatever, have some more wine, James.

To my previous point, most of the shots from that one lonesome roll that I scanned this evening are, uhmmm, what's the word? Oh yeah...SHIT. NOT my fault, mind you, as I did mention the malfunctioning...whatever, have some more wine, James.

Anyway. The point of all this drivel is twofold: 1) I've shot two very, very good friends' weddings as a favor and the shots pretty much kicked ass, since there was a dumb (no offense anyone) wedding photo-grapher there anyway, and I could sneak around and take shots of cool shit. So point 1) is this: I do all right in the right circumstances. Whatever, have some more wine, James. AND point 2) is this: it was a pleasure watching Vernon and Scott shoot and Amber and Candace do what they do best.

I guess what I'm saying is that I felt privileged to be a fly on the couch with a wine glass. Thanks guys and gals! And no, Lorna, I haven't forgotten you.

And Amber, sorry about THAT cinnamon latte - Dunkin Donuts really doesn't make a latte, nor do they have cheese, Candace, despite their subway ads on the Q train...and Scott can back me up on that one.

Mr. Trent, come back to NYC soon. We could wreak havoc together if we planned out a shoot, or at least have another great dinner...

In the meantime, I'm gonna go have so more wine.

Cover Star: Vernon Trent at work.
Headlining Band: Those guys from Sacramento, California.

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Capt Stu Beans said...

have some more wine James!

Vernon Trent said...

cheers mate :)

Mike Cary said...

James, was cool meeting and getting to chat with you for a few

Mike AKA "Some Dude" LOL

Amber and Candace from Philly shoot

Cristi said...

knife party.