Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a Hollywood Summer


Too hot.

Sweat through your clothes hot.

I talked to my folks tonight and had a very candid conversation about my life - complete with curse words - only used appropriately and as punctuation.

My mother brought up work, my girlfriend and therapy. I love my mother for doing that, and she probably doesn't even know that.

Seeing The National on Tuesday 12 blocks from my house. I'm excited about the show, but conflicted about the company. Either everything will be ok or there will be an atomic explosion in Prospect Park. Mushroom cloud. Or silence.

I'd obviously prefer silence.

I don't want to fight anyone anymore. Ever.

Try not to wonder what the weather will be.

Black Dreams...

And on the music tip: "High Violet" is officially a masterpiece.

Cover Star: Scar.
Headlining Band: Da National.

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