Sunday, July 11, 2010


Most of the photographers I know, whether they are fashion photographers or "art" photographers, are too obsessed with female nudity (or in the case of my gay photographer friends, male nudity).

I'm not, even though I get accused of it. A lot. By people that know me really well.

Here's the deal, and I've said this here before:

Just because she's naked, doesn't make it art.

There are a TON of people that will pay girls to take their clothes off. There are a TON of girls that take advantage of that. Good for them - I want to come back as a hot chick. Really. Just for that reason. And the HOT part...

I look for something in a person. I'm not the 'naked photographer' - sorry. I'm not.

I think the female form is beautiful - snore.

I actually try to find vulnerability in a person. And document it. Give ME your soul. TRUST ME.

I'm good like that.

Or I manufacture something. But 9 times out of 10, it's all you.

Unguarded, trusting, and open to having your image, at that moment, recorded (not captured) for life.

Because when you're dead...

It's all that's left. Except for your crap that goes into a dumpster.

And it will.

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Vernon Trent said...

I like that "recorded (not captured) for life" :)


Tanya said...

I love the anticipation of this shot, And I'm happy you could follow me into the growth of this little modeling hobby shit, as you watch me over come my hangups. Can't wait to get my film back, I know those tub & toilet shots are gonna be hot!