Monday, July 05, 2010

Surprise! You're Dead!

Mike Patton. Friday night. And his band. Yeah, Brendan, his band.

See photo below.

One of the most amazing things I've ever seen in this regard:

Ever seen a band that was 10 TIMES BETTER than when they were originally around?

Me neither.

And here's the reason:

Mr. Patton has come into his own in the last 12 years. Fuck some Mr. Bungle. I'm talking about Fantomas, Tomahawk, Mike Patton, etc...

I saw this man do things with his voice on Friday night that astonished me. And that's saying something. I've seen a lot of vocalists.

He's 42 years old. That makes me feel good. He made me feel young.

Thanks mikepatton. And Brendan and Mark and Rich.

"Faith No More" should re-record their entire catalog right now. It sounds dated. But what I experienced Friday night was the future...

Maturity, sometimes, rules.

"I think that too many people think too much about my lyrics. I am more a person who works more with the sound of a word than with its meaning. Often I just choose the words because of the rhythm not because of the meaning"
- Mike Patton

Pardon me, I get excited about good things. Here are two...

Cover Star: Candace Fucking Nirvana.
Headlining Band: Faith Fucking No More

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