Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Devil's Bride is Calling all Toward Her Skirt

Sherice from last Friday.
She's a stylist and model. Her sister is her MUA and hair stylist.
They kick ass.
Big ass hotel suite acquired by all of my vouchers and then abandoned.


Title is from "Jane of the Waking Universe"

Boring I know, but yes, it's by Robert Pollard.


Chip Willis said...

more please :)

Stacy Leigh said...

This is my new favorite...I am a HUGE afro fan. I remember seeing my first fro' when I was like 5 yrs. old in a department store named May's. The cashier was a drop dead gorgeous hippie type girl with a nose ring and huge hoop earings. I still can see her radient beauty to this day. She looked like Selma on the tv show 'Good Times'.....

The 70's really was a great decade.

Tanya said...

this feels so classic, reminds me of my childhood actually, or my mom sneaking me in to see cult classic movies like Uptown Saturday night.