Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jazz Bastards Will Fall And Confess

"Mag Earwhig" by Guided By Voices is one of the best albums EVER!

Unfortunately, I cannot include it in my BEST OF 2006 as it was released in 1997.

Oh well...

Long day editing photos. I cannot tell you how fulfilling it is, and how painful it is. Either way, you get to see brand new shots, like this one of Sheena.

I owe a bunch of people a bunch of stuff and I am chipping away at the iceberg.

At least I got an iceberg.

The title is from Robert Pollard's " The Colossus Crawls West."
The photo is of Sheena. She's NOT a punk rocker, but in my estimation, wanting to stand on a chair for me naked, equals PUNK ROCK.

At least I hope so...

Stringer Bell is dead. Long live Stringer Bell.


Chip said...

You are a "Wire" fan too?

Jesus, we are brothers if so.

Stringer had to 'Get Got' and I have to say, I loved what Omar did this past season.

The episode with the Blue pajamas was classic!

Stacy Leigh said...

I am going to Dirty Detroit for the day on the 14th....Hope I see you there : )