Friday, February 02, 2007

Cranky McCrank-Crank

Boy when the Crank hits me, it hits me hard. I woke up yesterday morning in Cranky Town! It's hard to get out of Cranky Town if you see me coming, stay away!

Everyone gets an even-keel dose, but I find it helpful to analyze the Crank so as to embrace it and to point it's power at those deserving, namely me.

Part of it is the weather and this beach ball inflating in my sinuses. Part of it is trying to finish up this job while sitting and waiting for my client to get approval from all the mucky-mucks. Part of it is the pile of work I have regarding my photography which just sits there collecting complaints from people who I owe images to as long as I sit and wait for my client. Part of it is people making plans for me that don't fucking know me. Part of it is the too much coffee. Part of it is being attached to this spinning thing that goes around the sun and makes me old and sore. Part of it is the IRS and their relentless pursuit of my coin. Part of it is my girl leaving town tomorrow for 10 days.

It'll pass.

Photo is of a train yard in Cleveland right outside the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Taken back in 1997 while being shown around town by Pere Ubu guitarist, Jim Jones. A wonderful, gracious man, and his "history of Pere Ubu through Cleveland's geography" commentary, I will never forget. Shortly after my trip, Jim had some pretty serious health problems. I should find out if he's ok...


Chip said...

Put on some muzak. Uptemo.

or, go find something to cry over and get it out of your system.

That works wonders for me at times.

theda said...

I'm sure I speak for mnay when I say I am highly disappointed in your Crank. I want my money back.