Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sheena is...a Punk Rocker! (Shyly Too!)

Everything is relative and always in flux.

I love shooting with models that I've never worked with before because there's a certain tension there, a getting to know one another thing. I also love shooting with models that I've worked with before and with whom I've developed a rapport. They are two entirely different artistic experiences.

I shot with Shyly on Thursday evening in a "the snow" in Chelsea. I respect her both as a model and a photographer (her work is getting better in leaps and bounds!) I had some ideas and tried to make them real, and she just rolled with me the whole time. She was great, warm and willing to do damn near about anything. Having never met her, which is a rarity for me (she lives on in Los Angeles), I was extra sensitive, somewhere in the back of my mind, about making her experience with a stranger comfortable, while also pushing to get what I thought the two of us could do. She turned out to be such a sweetheart...

I shot with Sheena in June of 2005 - like a hundred years ago. I remember her being a bit nervous, but again, willing and responsive to my direction and we got some pretty iconic images. We've been trying to shoot again since then and today it finally came together. My agenda, now knowing her, was VERY specific. We are going to check into one of my (many ) Fuck Motel locations in NYC ($20/hr) and she is to stand on a chair for me in nothing but boots. She is to complete, yes, complete the Pissed-Off Bunnies series for me, and then we'll do one more fashiony set-up, if we have time.

She's such a sweetheart. Three hours - chair - done, bunny - done, fashiony thing - done! And we laughed like hell the whole time.

It was good to see her. You can actually make friends in this bidnezz. It will be good to see Shyly again as a friend.

The first photo is of Shyly. I'm calling the series "Snowbound."

This one is of Sheena and I - the last shot on the card - she insisted. These stupid self portraits rarely work and I almost always do the fat neck dance.

I firmly believe that this is The Ramones' world.
We just live in it…

...and Mr. Cranky is feeling much better, thanks.


Sheena said...

I love youuuuu!!!!!!!!

And the last shot of the day is one of the best shots from the shoot!

YAYYYYY no more mr. cranky!!!!

Stacy Leigh said...

wow... I was in Trash and Vaudeville today and bought a black and white mini dress with hot pink letters boldly proclaiming 'RAMONES' . I bought it to wear in Miami with matching hot pink patent leather stilettos!!!

was it telepathy, or a Virgo thing??? You are a gem and I absolutely adore you to pieces JMG.

totally smitten. TOTALLY!!!

Lauren said...

You got to shoot w. Shyly - I was wondering when that was going to happen! :)

As for the Ramones...well, theres definetly glue in the air.