Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If You Feel Like a Patient Why Not Dress Like One?

I'm going to Detroit on Friday afternoon and my back hurts. Lower. Chronic. Stress related, no doubt.

Not stress related to going to Detroit, but just...stress related.

However, the trip to Detroit will not make my back feel any better.

Note the following criteria for further fucking up my back:

a) a unpredictable ride in a gypsy cab in Brooklyn to JFK - start, stop, start, whoa! start, stop...
b) de plane, de plane
c) an unfamiliar bed
d) jumping around and taking photographs from every which way

Do I sound like a pussy? Well, I'm not (not a big one, at least...). I've dealt with this for a decade and a half and it comes and goes. I'm just really tired of it and a little fearful of standing on a concrete floor for 6 hours on Friday and Saturday nights without any relief. Well-wishers beware!

I'm shooting Sarah standing on a chair in Detroit. That is if she superglues the heel back into place that her son broke today.

If you are going to attend Dirty Detroit v8.0, I'll be in the back of the show, probably leaning against the wall, or sitting on the floor, or knowing me - jumping up and down and carrying people on my head.

I did do that - once...right before I fucked up my back...

My Top Ten of 2006 list will go up tomorrow, unless my back hurts...

Today’s title is from the MIGHTY Mission of Burma's "Mica," which I am listening to right now over and over at maximum volume! Hunh?

The shot is Dandy Amber Marie. She's a pissed off Bunny... trust me on this one.


Tanya said...

LOL i love your break out or reasons why your back is fucked up. I'm still having issues with pain at the base of my scull, it's gotta be stress!

Viva Van Story said...

I like that pissed of bunny..

Dave Levingston said...

Hope we get to meet at the Dirty Show. I'll be there Friday night.

BT Charles said...


I will make sure you gentlemen shake hands. I have not had the pleasure of shaking James Hand yet..but I did have the pleasure of meeting Dave on Sunday.

It's a Killer show. Best so far. See you there.


theda said...

i thought you were already done with the bunnies?