Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Display of Patience, Disease-Covered Puget Sound

Off to Seattle for a week with Rich to shoot agency tests as his second...12 models in 5 days. And to get in the kind of trouble one can only get into in Seattle - coffee-fueled.

Thinking about Beth's - home of the 12-egg omelet, that record store in Freemont where I scored all the GBV last trip with my girl and that other one in Capitol Hill on Broadway where, well, suffice it to say, I just bought way too much music at discounted prices...

I love the Pacific Northwest and will probably not be on-line at all.


The title of this post-it note is courtesy Mr. "Dead-As-Hell" Cobain. The photo is of Mercury, who I shot several years ago in a dive motel on Aurora, which Mr. "I used to be in a band with that other dude and can drum like hell" Grohl namechecks on The Foo Fighters 2nd or 3rd album. I can't remember, but oh well, whatever, nevermind.


Chip said...

As Al Pacino said while in character for Scarface " Have a good trip Mel"

Well, without the sarcasm too!

Have a good one BFAM.

Espirito da Lua said...

I very liked blog very funny and sexy;)

Alysa316 said...

You were in Seattle, huh? Too bad we weren't there at the same time :)