Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Run and Turn Into Butter...

"Birdie in the hand for life's rich demand
The insurgency began and you missed it
I looked for it and I found it
Myles Standish proud, congratulate me

A philanderer's tie, a murderer's shoe

Life's rich demand creates supply in the hand
Of the powers, the only vote that matters
Silence means security silence means approval
On Zenith, on the TV, tiger run around the tree
Follow the leader, run and turn into butter

Let's begin again, begin the begin
Let's begin again like Martin Luther zen
The mythology begins the begin

Answer me a question I can't itemize
I can't think clear, you look to me for reason
It's not there, I can't even rhyme here in the begin

A philanderer's tie, a murderer's shoe
Example: the finest example IS YOU"

It's an REM song. I thought I'd tell you that in case you have no idea. And I'm not even gonna type what I think about you if you have no idea, OK?

Storm. In from Hong Kong. Tonight in NYC.

And all the way live.



Anonymous said...

Ha. I had no idea that was an REM song James. Now tell me what you think of the Bellevue suburban soccer mom. I can take it.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen do take polaroids...

but do gentlemen also prefer blondes?

Who loves ya??:)

Gary M Photo said...

Wow, that brings back a lost memory. When "Pageant" came out, I think CREEM held a contest where readers were invited to take one of the lyric snippets from the back cover and construct a very short story out of it. I was a college English major at the time, and reading a lot of Flannery O'Connor, which was a good pairing with this album. I picked "Bury Magnets/Swallow the Rapture" and wrote a little story about an old man whose wife dies in their home, but he doesn't want to call the authorities because they'll cut her up to do an autopsy, so he decides to bury her out in the swamp. He realizes he can't mark the grave or someone will find her, so he gets some big magnets from old electric motors and ties them to her so that when he wants to find and visit her unmarked grave, he can use a compass to find her. Threw some stuff in there about how the magnets would help Jesus find her for the rapture, I think... something like that. Jesus, was that really over 20 years ago?

Thanks for the memory... wonder if I still have a copy of that among my souvenirs.