Saturday, May 12, 2007

Young Lady, Get That Child Out of Your Mouth!

The Goal: A simple set of portraits.

The Subject: Persiana, model, dominatrix, actor, and all around 6 foot tall goofball.

The Backstory: When Persiana and I met to brainstorm working together, I told her that I had no new direction, no plan and no project, and that I was looking for someone who could roll with that and just riff. She got very excited, saying that most of her shoots had been so planned out, and that she was also looking for an opportunity to improvise.

The Rules: When I saw her last Sunday at a local get-together, she said that she would be working out at the gym Friday until 12:30pm. What if, she suggested, I showed up at 12:45pm and we just shot post-gym sweaty, no makeup, no hair, no wardrobe, no shower?

The Reality: I was delayed for about 30 minutes. When I got to her place, she was jumping up and down to some Richard Simmons "Sweatin' with..." something DVD to maintain her "sweatness." It's great to start a shoot by laughing really hard.

The Photo: Persiana, with friend.

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Martini said...

Hey, that's MY model!