Sunday, May 06, 2007


Tanya came into town from Philly to shoot with amazing photographer Gary Breckheimer yesterday. I picked up her slack - Tanya and I are good friends and proven collaborators and she would do (almost) anything for me as a model. And she's quite the little shooter, herself. Her macro shots of foodstuffs are fascinating...

Tanya was disappointed that she didn't get to wear her skates for Gary, so I told her to strap them on. I love situating things in the wrong setting, creating a scenario where "this just wouldn't happen" and recording it. I also love the challenge of doing something honest and interesting (at least to me) with elements of cliché.

Tanya, of course had the proper socks for her skates.

In a by-the-hour dump in midtown, where the guy behind the glass has literally seen everything, except, I imagine, people skating in their rooms…

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