Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gentlemen Take Polaroids

I've been taking a lot of Polaroids with my Mamiya 645 Pro lately, not so much as tests - I already trust it to perform properly and I am confident in my lighting - but because I can.

There is something cool about a one-of-a-kind.

When I was in Detroit, BT Charles was driving Chip Willis, Lochai and I around on Saturday morning, and while he was driving, he handed me a bunch of Polaroids and said something like "you might enjoy seeing these."

They were Eric Kroll test shots - probably 30 of them. Eric was my editor for the Taschen book and we've talked many times, but holding his one-of-a-kinds in my hands kinda made me tremble...and that wasn't just me being kinda hung-over.

While in Seattle, I shot a number of Polaroids during the test shooting that we were doing, just to see what they looked like.

My friend Christopher Bush is a master of the Polaroid, and there were several times (when the Mamiya jammed) that I wished he was there to help me out, but I came to realize (once the shit worked) what I think it is that Christopher loves about the Polaroids...

They REALLY DO steal souls...

The title is from a Japan song. An underappreciated "new romantic" '80's band fronted by David Sylvian and featuring the fretless bass stylings of one Mick Karn.

This Polaroid is of Shannon.


bt said...


I absolutely love Polaroid's!! Like you said, they steal the soul. Since that first batch that I showed you, Eric has sent me another batch of these Polaroid's to sell for him. Collectors love them as they are true originals and a one of a kind. I hope to see more of your Polaroids....this is a great shot that you have posted!!!


Dirty Photographer said...

Hey, dont you forget about my pola-prowess, mister.