Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here's What I Did Today...

...I woke up with a debilitating pain in the back of my right, upper rib cage.

This is something that had been bothering me a little since Saturday, but no big deal, considering what happened on Saturday. Then I went bowling on Sunday night and again on Monday night and "dudes, I was throwing rocks!" Last night during the 7th (approximately) frame of the 4th game, something popped.

So anyway, I woke up with a debilitating pain in the back of my right, upper rib cage.

And let me explain the relativeness of the word "debilitating." I have a VERY HIGH pain threshold. I often (and within the last three weeks) get dental work done with no Novocain.

This shit this morning, however, was jaw-droppingly debilitating.

Dragged my ass up to Dr. Yaffee, miracle worker and big freak, on 65th and 3rd Avenue and saw one of his PA's. She was all cool and kinda hot in that, you know, "I'm a Doctor" kinda way (even though I was in FAR too much pain to care) and after insisting that I look at the x-rays with her (it's my body and I love doing that shit) she determined that nothing was broken and nothing was dislocated.

Dislocated was my biggest fear. Actually, truth be told, relocation being a bigger fear than dislocated.

She said no bowling for a month. And to tone everything else down too. Just a tad. For the time being.

So participating in two of my favorite things in the world got me here.

Through the pain, I hope you can see the smile.

The Remedy:

(Prescription) Naproxen Sodium.
(Prescription) Skelaxin.
(Prescription) Hydrocodone-Apap.
(Over-The-Counter) Bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz.
(Over-The-Counter) A couple of Camel Lights.
(Music, courtesy of Mark Poutenis - see link to the right) Clutch, really, really loud.
(Magic) Meagan's voice.

It's quite the cocktail, but I'm feeling better already...

This is Sharmeen from a long time ago. She's a really good friend of mine who has recently gone through some tough fucking shit too, and has recently relocated to Detroit.

She makes me smile.

Sharmeen, you make me smile!

I bet it's fucking colds in Detroit, yo.


Chip Willis said...

drop the smokes man!

Trust me!

I pulled a muscle swimming the other day.

We aren't exactly 20 anymore bro!

ps. I am going swimming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey we're seeing Sharmeen in Detroit for DS9 this weekend. Then to NYC for a day.. See you there?

James M Graham said...

No. You won't. I can guarantee it.

Because I don't know who "Anonymous" is.

D.L. Wood said...

Man, I haven't been bowling in years...probably 20.

I tried to get her to pull my muscle last night but she wouldn't. :-)

I have a history of kidney stones. I've hoarded my extra Vicodin so when I get a twinge I have some instead of calling the doctor. It always goes down better with a beer. I like the feeling, but I get the strangest frick'n dreams.

FYI - On the photo of Sharmeen. I don't get an image, just a narrow box. If I click on it it gives me a image tag.

D.L. Wood

BLISS said...

lol...and I hope that you are well soon...

I love Yellowtail...

Bowling is so much fun...
I suck ....but I play anyways :)

James M Graham said...


You have an open invitation to bowl with me anytime you want.


; )

BLISS said...


The Pin-Up Poet said...

Dislocated grief is my new favorite phrase.

Mockingbird Girl said...

<3 at your photo of Sharmy...I can't believe she moved to Detroit. I wish her all the best though, she deserves as much joy as she gives others.

Tanya said...

"considering what happened on Saturday" that being one of the 2 most fave things you do???? I don't suppose your talking about taking pretty pix are you ;)

thx for the heads up on Sharmeen.

The_N_Word. said...

dental work with no novocaine. jeezum crow! i just had the last of three root canals done and I can't even imagine what the would be like without being drugged up. lay down and watch some reality tv...feel better : )

Meagan Sample said...


(*humps your leg*)

oh! Ssssorry....

IranianLuvGoddess said...

So now we have more things in common than just a bad back...I feel your pain....physical and emotional.

I'm liking Michigan so far...and somewhat adjusting to the blistering cold...

I hope you come to visit soon...we'll all be missing you at the dirty show.

And I have a portrait of us that you took hanging up in my room...and that makes me smile...lots.

u and those fucking teal eyes... ;-)

Sarah said...

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