Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tonight, I met my mentor for some beer and food from a White Plains, NY joint that tolerated us. It's always great to see him on any number of levels.

I was given homework, as usual. But this homework is going to take some deep, existential, artistic, soul searching as it butts up against so much marginal and cliche in my mind.

But that's something I've got to figure out as it is MY homework.

Easier is the fact that he said he wanted to do another shoot together ASAP. And creative, production, talent, crew, all up to me...

I'm honored and cannot wait to come up with an idea that is worthy.

That won't take long.

I hope.

You are never really finished with school. I wouldn't know what to do if I was.

Here's Anais, photographed "after school."


bt said...

Great post James...we are always learning...the moment we think we know shows in our work.

Love the photo there too my friend...

its snowing here at the compound...gotta make a buck.


BLISS said...


The_N_Word. said...

Jesus! Next time you're in White Plains give me a call!