Thursday, February 07, 2008

"I Don't Need Anything But You"

If you search for your name, Google hands you this:

"JAMES M. GRAHAM, farmer, post-office worker, was born November 21, 1842, in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, on the farm where he now lives. His father, Mark Graham, was born in a house which stood exactly on the line between Washington County, Penn., and Virginia. Arthur Graham, the father of Mark, bought the farm where James Graham now lives from John Hinelight, who got it for services in the Revolutionary War. Arthur came to the county when his son Mark was about sixteen years old. Arthur Graham had three children: Mark, Samuel, and Isabella, who married William Cummins. Mark Graham was born August 30, 1813. He was married May 11, 1837, to Nancy Reed, daughter of William Reed, who settled in East Lackawannock Township, but died in Jackson Township. The children of Mark and Nancy were: Samuel, born March 20, 1838, and died May 14, 1880; Alexander E., born October 31, 1839; Martha E., born October 5, 1841; William R., born August 20, 1843, died October 19, 1861; James M. and Arthur W. The father died April 9, 1870, and his widow March 1, 1885. They were consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Their deaths occurred in the house where Arthur W. now resides. Mark was a strong Abolitionist, a Republican, and was once poor director. Our subject was educated in the common schools, and brought up at farm labor. He was married in 1872 to Ella Douglass, and has three boys: Francis, Joseph L. and Herman D. Mr. Graham has been school director and township auditor, and is a staunch Republican. Archibald Douglass, the father of Mrs. Graham, was of Scotch extraction, a native of Pennsylvania, and married for his first wife Maria Parks, by whom he had seven children: Joseph, deceased; Dr. Thomas J., lives in Ottumwa, Iowa; Mary, the wife of Dr. Joseph Lusk, of Butler; Milton, deceased; Sarah, deceased; Nettie, married Col. George Noble, lives in Dallas, Tex., and Lizzie, who lives in Ottumwa, Iowa. Mr. Douglass was married again, to Mary Weaver, a native of Maryland, and had three children: One died when six weeks old; Maria, married Joseph Cochran, and Ella. Her father died in 1869. He was for many years connected with the official business of Mercer County, and is mentioned in the historical chapters of this volume. His last wife died in 1861. They were members of the First Presbyterian Church."

His last wife died in 1861. My last wife is still alive.

Title from the Martina Topley-Bird song, "Anything." It's from her wonderful, wonderful, wonderful album, "Quixotic." It's UK only (ignore the US release entirely) and hard to find.

And completely worth seeking out.

Trust me.


The Newton homage photo is of Anna, who was a good sport. And thanks to Chris Bush for the DVD. And no, Chris, I'm still not finished with it...


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