Friday, February 15, 2008

Idle Hands

Saw The Gutter Twins' first live show last night at The Bowery Ballroom.

A little sloppy at first, but then Mssrs. Dulli and Lanegan found their very, very sinister groove. The main set consisted of the new album, "Saturnalia" in it's entirety save for one song, and covers of Massive Attack's "Live With Me" and José González's "Down the Line."

The second set began with Lanegan's "River Rise" (the first song off of his very first solo album), then The Twilight Singers' "Papillon," Lanegan's "No Easy Action," The Twilight Singers' "King Only," Lanegan's "Methamphetamine Blues" only to end with The Twilight Singers' "Number Nine."

And somewhere in there at the end of "Papillion" Lanegan did a little Screaming Trees ditty that escapes me right this second. I swear I'm right. But no Whigs...

The juxtaposition of the two former frontmen was something to see - Dulli, jumping, smoking, preaching, jamming, screaming "Let's Do it." while Lanegan clung onto the microphone for dear life. Once he planted his feet on the stage, he never moved them. He smiled a little just once, and spoke three words to the audience the entire night: "Mr. Greg Dulli."

I found the set-list online this morning, less than 12 hours after the end of the show. Kids...

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